As an Aboriginal man who has been involved in the education, training and employment arenas for all of my working life, I have a commitment to supporting my People to achieve equality in the workplace.

At the heart of moving forward and achieving employment equality is meaningful and respectful engagement. Partnerships are critical to realising these aspirations.

The key to the success in building stronger Aboriginal workforce participation is an ongoing focus on addressing all dimensions that impact on a person’s working life, that is, a holistic approach that understands the complex inter-relatedness of broader life issues and their resulting impact on an individual’s workforce development. This approach underpins all work undertaken by my company.

Ultimately, to address Aboriginal workforce development challenges, workforce development approaches need to be focussed on developing complementary supply side measures that aim to connect the Aboriginal workforce to industry demand, using methodologies that include:

driving shifts about the qualitative perception of the Aboriginal workforce. In short, it means working with employers to see the value of ‘employing Aboriginals’. This must not be done in isolation but in partnership with industry, enterprise and government.

Allan Jones – National GTO Manager


Rocky brings 30 years of national and international experience in the construction industry with roles across the building, civil infrastructure, oil and gas, rail, water, and telecommunications sectors.

Throughout his career, Rocky has demonstrated extensive experience and understanding of what is required to improve business outcomes, particularly on project sites.

Rocky is highly personable and has worked for tier 1 organisations including Leighton, CPB, Thiess, John Holland, Mirvac construction, Probuild, Ngarda Civil, and Fulton Hogan.

He also brings considerable experience working with, and for, Aboriginal people, communities and businesses during his time at Ngarda Civil and Mining in Western Australia (Karratha and Port Hedland) and the Remote Community Housing Redevelopment program in Northern Territory.

Rocky is committed to championing the employment and career development of all RAW staff, across industries and sectors, with formal trade training and upskilling central to what we do at RAW.

Rocky Vitacca

GTO Operations Manager

Rachael brings 20 years of experience in the rail, building and civil sectors of the construction industry.

Working with our apprentices and trainees over the last five years at RAW Group, Rachael has a firm understanding of the operational needs of our clients, combined with the requirements of compliance to the National GTO standards. 

Rachael is passionate about building diversity throughout the industry and increasing workforce participation of minority cohorts through trade apprenticeships and traineeships.

Rachael prides herself on her strong working relationships within apprenticeship networks, Registered Training Organisations, apprentices, trainees, and Host employers.

Rachael Scholz